Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chetnotes-meeting of March 24, 2010

President Victoria Triano Presiding

Today's Rotary Guest: Paul Schulze, guest of Harold Kane
Raffle Winner: Jim Earl
Happy Bucks:
· Jim E.- $ 4.00- winning raffle, having a good time growing his office
· Chet: $ 2.00- sad buck-missed the Interact Art Auction, happy buck-went skiing with friends at Mount Snow & escaped with no injuries
· Gloria: very successful Art Auction (Interact made $ 1,500.00)
· Brendan: poor after the Art Auction (he bought 4 pieces of art)
· Sue: her birthday today, John's birthday Thursday, ticket for her church's musical sold out in 1 hour.
· Ginny: Sad buck- wasn't at the Art Auction as she went to Gloucester
· Jim W: wanted to go to the Art Auction but fell asleep after doing yard work
· Vickie: $ 2.00-had a great time at the Art Auction, Ruth leaves on Sunday for one month in Africa

Fines: Vickie didn't nominate a finer, so everyone pay a buck for guilty pleasures

Announcements: The big check is Here!
· Bus Trip to New York: 22 people have signed up. Need 18 more for bus deposit. Please consider going.
· Brendan did P.E.T.S. training
· Need Rotarians to consider serving on the club's Executive Board of Directors
· There's been a development on the Pavilion to be built at Recreation Park: The proposal has been submitted to the Town Budget and is in process. It will be considered at the April 5th Board of Finance meeting. Dave Zoni passed out a sheet with telephone numbers & e-mail addresses of Finance Board member. Please contact the & voice your approval of this project.
· April 21st is Administrative Assistant Day. Rotarians are encouraged to bring their Administrative assistants to lunch at Rotary that day.

Guest Speaker: State Representative Bruce "Zeke" Zalaski speaking on balancing the State's Budget
· 2009 was a tough year. $ 500Million was passed in deficit mitigation legislation.
· The State faces an $ 8 Billion deficit. The 2010-11 budget includes $ 300Million cuts in spending revenue, millionaire & cigarrette taxes. 48 state face a shortfall in 2010.
· Nationally the total budget deficit of the 50 states is $ 194 Billion, the largest deficit in U.S. History.
· A new mitigation plan was vetoed in November. The Governor submitted a new plan on March 1st. This includes an $ 81 Million cut to towns & municipalities. Personal property taxes will skyrocket if this is passed.
· Only the Governor's office can negotiate with the State's unions on givebacks.
· Democrats want to keep the Estate Tax in place for 2 more years.
· Towns are going to have to band together & regionalize in the futureto avoid duplication of services & to maximize buying & spending economies.

Southington Rotary Card Raffle:
Target Card: Queen of Diamonds; Dolores picked the 5 of Clubs
The 50/50 jackpot now stands at ?

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