Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chetnotes- meeting of 5/19/10...

Notes of Meeting of May 19, 2010-   President Victoria Triano presiding

Today's Rotary Guests:
Sandy Blumer, lifetime member George "Red" Griffin
Raffle Winner:
Dolores Fanelli
Happy Bucks:
Dolores (winning raffle), Dennis (caution buck: Dick Chaney Division of N.R.A.), George"Red" Griffin (happy to be here!),Donnnnn Reilly (Back from vacation in Wyoming & Utah with son, Ben), Linda (listened to Dave & Dave & charlie), Art Blumer( nice  to be here),   Sandy Blumer (also glad to visit Southington Rotary), Joanne Alfieri ($2- back from 8 days in Pompano Beach),  Susan Smayda (church play raised $7,000),  Brendan Goodrich($10- District Assembly, able to recreate his computer project), Chet (attended the  20th anniversary celebration at Southington Care Center), Jim Earl (daughter graduated from high school; will attend C.C.S.U. on a softball scholarship), Ron Klein (Ruth's e-mail on getting rid of chipmunks),  Art( yard is inundated with bunnies-saw a fox nearby which may take care of the problem), Harold Kane (Sox pulled one out),  Gloria Brown (son left back to Minneapolis),  Vickie($3-"stolen" pocketbook (her dog was playing with it)
Fines :
Vickie self-fines herself for not nominating a finer

-Received letter from Bread for Like requesting budgeted $ 600 donation
-Meetings of May 26th & June 2nd will be held at Mulberry Gardens
-Relay for Life: theme "Hope shines at  Rotary"- need more members to sign up for timeslots.
-Rotary Scholarship recipients are: Isabel Palumbo, Seth Crampton, Andrew Dominello, Alexandra Williams, Diana Babineau, & Michael Dolan. They have been invited to attend the meeting of June 23rd.
- Interact will have its Installation Dinner on Thursday, May 27th at 6 P.M. in the Atrium at S.H.S. Cafeteria. Rotarians are invited to attend.

Today's Speaker - Member Steve Giudice, Harry Cole & Son Surveying & Engineering. 

Land surveying is done for both residential, commercial, & insurance customers. Reasons for surveying a property include: finding property lines to avoid disputes or for building a house, site management, & elevation certificates. 
Steps in surveying:
-agreeing on cost of survey
-research at the Town Clerk's office: get copy of the assessor's map
-finding the dimensions of the property-
-send out the field crew-record information in the field book & on computer using a transit-find iron pins to identify property boundaries- make the final map.

Engineering Projects:
Site Plans: Survey-same field work as for residential customers. Make a map with layout for owner's needs. Submit to town, make revisions, present to commissioners-see site through to end of construction.
Southington Rotary Card Raffle  (target card: Queen of Diamonds):  
Donn Reilly picked the 9 of Hearts; the 50/50 jackpot now stands at ?

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