Friday, April 23, 2010

Chetnotes- meeting of 4/21/10...

Notes of Meeting of April 21, 2010 (President Victoria Triano Presiding)

Today's Rotary Guests- Welcome All on Administrative Assistant's Day!
Jess Potrepka, Lorraine Coty, Marcia Fiorillo, Debbie Albatas, Meghan Belanger, Linda Stuckman, Jane Hollman, Melissa Erickson, Sharon Robinson, Karen Drouin
Raffle Winner:
Carl Sokolowski
Happy Bucks:
Carl (winning raffle), Scott (Sox finally won again), Joe E (kids in Europe finally made it home Tuesday), Art (leaving again-this time to Amsterdam, grandson went to Athens with group from Greenwich H.S.-someone chartered a jet to bring the kids home), Dave (generally happy), Trish (George says hi!), Harold (heard a rumor that Dave's becoming a Republican!), Cindy (back from New Orleans Jazz Festival), Ron (test driving a Buick-question on airbag deployment)
Fines by Brendan Goodrich:
Ron (interruption fine), Chet (delivering drugs), Harold (receiving drugs), All female table (Art pays for breaking it up), Carl, Harold, Dennis, Brendan, Dave, Steve W. (all-male table), Trish (cell phone), Volcano Fine (anyone who's traveled to Europe sine January 1st), Administrative Assistant's Day (if you brought one to the meeting, you don't work hard enough-pay a buck)
Emergency Gifts & Grants:
Janet Mellon requested that Rotary sponsor a table at the Unique Boutique fundraiser: Cost: $320.00-approved
Guest speaker:
Former Rotarian John Gissis (assisted on the powerpoint presentation by his son Michael) on the Advantages of a Roth I.R.A. over a Traditional I.R.A.

(There was no drawing of the Southington Rotary Card Raffle today; the target card is still the Queen of Diamonds)


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